Are you or do you know one of the following?

• Brand Ambassadors • Models• Influencers• Artists

• Graphic Designers• Video Editors• Photographers• Writers is looking for talent! We have ultra-premium smooth gear and now we need smooth talent to go with it! No matter the age or the gender, we need the right attitude and the right look to represent our brand. 

Brand Ambassador

Do you have your own brand? Apply below if you are someone that has a reputable self-brand whose visions and mantra aligns with ours. We represent more than just desi clothing brand, we represent the 2nd generation desi youth that want to love and embrace their heritage.

• Actors/Actresses

• Mr/Miss X / Models

• Talk Show / Youtube

• Blogger / Vlogger

• Singer

• Dancer


      You have that look and attitude to represent our brand? You don't necessarily have to have a large following! Whether you are a professional career model or even an aspiring one, we would love to work with you. Apply if you ...

• Have the right attitude

• Are professional

• Maintain image & social media posts

• Understand fashion

• Love the camera

• Have confidence


      This is the first step of becoming part of our brand. We have an open Influencer program. Anyone can join! You will be given a link where you can send your friends, family and followers to get Desi Gear. Apply if you are or in...

• College Students

• Blogger / IG

• Dance Team

• Community Leader

• Fraternity / Sorority

• Other Affiliate Network


      Do you have a design that you would like to partner with us? We love to collaborate with other Desi Designers & Artists that have an original design that fits our brand and style. Submit your design now to be considered for our profit share program!

Video Editors

      Are you a video editor? We are looking for talented video editors that can create promo reel for our designs, photo shoots and production facility. As of right now we are looking for talent around NJ/NYC/PA Area.


      Are you a fashion forward individual that is articulate or do have a piece you want to submit for our blog? We are always in search of good content with good subject. Apply below if you have an idea for an article or are looking to promote your own brand through our blog.


      We are looking for desi photographers to work with in all states! We are receiving plenty of applications from all types of models around the World. We are looking for Fashion Photographers, either professional or amateur that have a similar vision as us. 

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